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Henrik GiŠver

Management Consultant

Last updated: 2003-03-03

Henrik GiŠver
Office secretary: 67 83 99 77
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Recent projects:

How Henrik made his living (details):

Fornebu Consulting AS (FC)

2000 - >

Det Norske Veritas (DNV)

1992 ->00

A.S COMPUTAS/ Cap Gemini




Private business/ teacher


Published reports/ articles:

"Best efforts in teaching"
  VARIATION (British Deming Association) and The American Associtation of Educationalists' publication


"Building Confidence. The future roles of testing laboratories, product certification bodies and inspection bodies"
  Report no 225, for Nordtests


"Quality Management for the Hotel Industry"
  Report for Norsk Hotell og Restaurant Forbund (NHRF), Foreningen for Overnattings- og serveringsnŠringensteder (FOS) and Inter Nor Hotels


"DNV future Training"
  - Computer based Learning, Net-based learning, combined mode learning Report for DNV Training Centre


"Does Total Quality Management Restrain Innovation?"
  - a discussion of the effect of TQM in Knowledge Intensive Organisations Oslo University; Department of Sociology. See report [htm]


"Collecting, storing and utilising information about improvement opportunities"
  : - discussion of the non-technological barriers to success. a presentation at the SEKE conference, Kaiserslautern in Germany. See SEKE conference [htm]. Go to report [MS-Word] [html]


"Verification and Validation in Support of Knowledge Management"
  - a presentation at EUROVAV conference, Oslo


"The value of knowledge"
  - a discussion of the market challenges for DNV in the knowledge based economy. Report 99-2026 for DNV Strategic Research.


"DNV Information Systems for Management"
  - a project proposal for creating and operating an improved web-based information space for DNV's Senior Management Group. Report for DNV Corporate Management, Systems & Audits


"Modeling work"
  - a value-creation perspective on representations of work. Technology support, automation, co-ordination and effective ways of sharing work. Emotional constraints of modelling. A presentation for AIS (Avansert Intranet Samarbeid) See AIS project site [htm]



Henrik's formal learning efforts; college, universities

United World College (Atlantic College), Wales 1972
  A-levels and International Baccalaureate: Physical Science, Mathematics, Norwegian, Danish, Art, English  
University of Oslo 1977
  BA-degree: Sociology, History, Mathematics, Nordic languages and litterature.  
University of Troms° 1972
  Educational Science, University of Troms° 1982
The Norwegian School of Management ("BI") 1984
  Courses: Social Economy, Law, Statistical and data analysis,

Information Technology, Organisation and Management

University of Oslo 1977
  Sociology ("Mellomfag") See the thesis [html] 1998
  Sociology ("Hovedfag") 2000 - >

On the job qualification and courses

Quality System Lead Auditor. Cert.no.: LA 173/93

Courses, details.


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